Ok, so now  we were on a renovation rollercoaster. Once you are on it there is no getting off .

We had chosen tiles, taps, baths,  flooring etc etc. but  do you think for a single minute we could choose paint for the interior. Not a chance.

Lets face it  those colourful little pieces of card that they give you at the hardware to assist you in making a decision just make the whole ardious process more confusing. The colour on the card just never looks the same as on the walls. The cream looks yellow and the beige looks brown.

Gone are the days where painting was a cheap form of decorating.

So after much, much, much deliberation, we decided to paint the whole interior, wait for it ……. WHITE.

Thank goodness we had opted for natrual bamboo wooden flooring otherwise all we would have needed would have been straight jackets. mmmm I must admit that afterall that deliberation and irritation the straight jackets wer’nt to far off.

So yes, white floors white ceilings…beautiful , clinical white. Except if you know me at all you will know that I am definitely not a “clinical white” sort of gal at all. My husband yes, me no! What do they say about ‘opposites attract’……but that is a story for another day entirely.

I needed wall deco and I needed it fast.

I called my beautiful friend Zelda Visser. Zelda as well as being an artist is a framer. She does not only do the tradiional sort of framing. She has an original array of frames that she makes and hand paints herself. Infact she keeps on reinventing herself so a would be shopper (like me) would just never get bored.

As a Mom who thinks her kids are just the most fabulous beautiful creations of all time it doesnt take much convincing to decorate my extremely white walls with grinning picks of toddlers or not so impressed looking teens.

I paint myself so a large amount of the very white wall space has been filled with my own art. The balance with frames I mostly acquired from my friend. Whats nice about the frames is that you can move them to various rooms if you want to create a new look. This is also not a hugely costly excersise as you can see by the photo (attached) some of the frames I just placed wooden hearts on the glass  to create a different look.

Even framing has become so much more than…well than just framing. It has become wall art and its wonderful.

If you have a moment pop onto Zelda’s facebook page www.facebook.com/zelda framing, or you can reach her on 0828743829, or email zvisser.art@gmail.com.

You will also find Zelda at the CY Market……but again that is a story for a different day.

So until next time, happy framing