It was about February this year that I suddenly had a light bulb moment.

It was time! Time for my girlfriends and I to run a market from my home. You see I have the most amazingly talented friends and my thoughts were that if we pooled our talents, we could put on a wonderful display and of course make a fortune in the process.

After much deliberation the name”Home Market” Blessed to be a Blessing, became our logo and our slogan. The name spoke for itself….”Home Market- Self Explainatory. “Blessed to be a Blessing”. Each one of us is so well and truly blessed and  therefore we are all called to be a blessing to others….for us it was a no brainer. So there we had it our logo and our slogan.

In retrospect the whole concept fell into place quite easily. Each of us working in our particular fields to produce our unique crafts.

As our “due date” approached we had early morning meetings finalising ou marketing stratergies, layouts for vendors and all the other minor details that would make the “Home Market” a rip roaring success. These mornings were always accompanied by copious cups of coffee and tons of laughter.

I woke up on the morning of the 1st day of our market ( to be honest I hardly slept) with a feeling of such excitement. Actually I felt like a child on the  morning of her birthday. Anticipation and expectation was the order of the day.

As I looked at my beautiful friends all dressed alike in our blue jeans, white T’s and black “Home Market” aprons, I was so incredibly proud of what we had achieved. My beautiful daughter, ever the entrepeneur was also included in our team. Dressed in our ‘uniform’ she had her dip dyed Tshirts on sale.

I cannot remember when last I have enjoyed my friends so much. We all so enjoyed thosed two days of laughing, helping, serving and blessing. Some of the vendors were new to our group but by the 2nd day we were all firm friends.

Every room in my home was absolutely beautiful. From the kitchen came the smell of freshly baked scones compliment of Claudette and Petru. In the entertainment area was the aroma of freshly brewed coffee served to perfection by my beautiful friend Mariel. Elmarie and Charmaines jewellery had shoppers gasping. Storme had her Tshirts so beautifully displayed and they are such a wonderful reflection of her unique style. Leilah’s skilful eye had carefully selected and revamped vintage articles and these were dispersed throughout my home. Melissa’s freshly cut bouquets brightened up every space. Zelda displayed her frames so beautifully and I of course had my cushions. Every space was eye candy and I loved it.

Even my garage had never looked so good. adorned with paintings, flowers, fabrics and and and…

The 2nd day drew to a close and as we celebrated with  glass or two of champis all we could talk about was “when would we be having the next one”

I climbed into bed that final evening and felt like I was brimming over with joy. I just couldn’t figure it out. Why did I have this most incredible feeling inside me, what was it. It certainly was not due to the fact that I had made my millions. The market had not done at all badly for our first one but I was not packing away my sewing machine just yet.

So what was this elation that I was feeling, due to? I lay there scratching around in my brain for the answer. Trying desperately to put my finger on it.

Then it came to me.

I had just experienced the two most incredible days with precious friends. I had met and made new friendships that would last a lifetime.

My Mom and Dad who I cherish  beyond words had just celecrated their 56 wedding anniversay. They had both come through to enjoy the experience of our “Home Market” to eat the scones, drink the coffe and just be the wonderful people that they are.

My daughter had had 1st hand experience of how a dream can become a reality andhad  thoroughly enjoyed it. My BFF had chipped in and worked on the cash register simply beause she is wonderful and I love her. And most of all my darling husband had given up his home and half of his weekend for a group of ladies simply because it meant so much to me.

As I lay in my bed I realised that I had prayed for our market to be a success and we had certainly all achieved it in abundance until overflowing. In the most awesome way, in a way that we could never possibley have imagined. Words can not describe what an experience our  Home Market has been for all of us..

So often our  measure of success is based on our financial gains.  I believe now that if that is our main driving force we can so often miss out on what is really is so very importantant. How awefully sad.

And so if you have a moment to spare, ponder on this…”How do you rate Success”?

It’s such an important question to aks yourself..BUT so much more important …is the answer.