Most of us tell our children that they can be anything they wish to be. All they need is determination and a positive attitude.

I remember growing up that the world was my oyster. There was nothing that I could not possibley achieve. Why….because the most imprtant people in my world told me it was so. And so I simply believed.

As we grow up we seem to get plagued by negative thinking and self doubt. Media throws these visions of perfection at us and when we look in the mirror what is thrown back at us is usually so  short of photoshop  that those thin cobwebs of doubt start to creep in and destroy our dreams. There are also those whispers of negatvitly from surrounding ‘friends’ that just add to the certainty that we will never achieve our hearts desires….what were we thinking?

In fact sometimes this negative thinking is simply an excuse for us  not to perform. We can almost take comfort in not performing because we so obviously don’t fit the right particular mould.

Someone told me a story of a boy who decided that he wanted to be a swimmer. At his first gala he came stone last but as he climbed out the pool his dad who had been watching his sons every stroke called out to him. “Well done my boy, you are a champion”. This same boy went on to be a champion and competed at the Olympics…I ask myself what would have happened if the dad had told his son that he was wasting his time and that he did not stand a chance as a swimmer.

Logic tells me that we all cannot come in first place.

This same logic tells me that we all swim our own individual race in life

Whether we have been thrown  a couple of curve balls or whether  we have had the opportunity of choosing our path of our childhood dreams. The fact is quite clear its our race, ours to own and be resposible for.

So what is stopping us from achieving our personal  gold, would you believe me if I told you that the only contender for gold against you is you.

I have a good friend who I have learnt so much from. She lives with an emense amount of pain and the prognosis from the Doctor is not good at all. She has also lost her husband recently and misses him dreadfully.

But my word she is running a race worth double gold.

She has shown me that we all have potential, it’s in all of us. Some have to reach a bit deeper and try that much harder but it is  definitely there. This ability to be the best we could possibley be

The wonderful thing about Gold is that it has value and it shines like the sun.

So my friends starting now

Run your race, earn your gold and you too can shine.