The Bakers

The Bakers

The million dollar question was could I, Kim Oliver actually write a blog

I am after all the most technologically challenged person that I know. Could someone like me actually start a website, have a Facebook page and write a blog? Well, if I can, anyone can.

I am 40ish (lets not go there). I was not born with a cellphone genetically engineered to fit the palm of my hand, an iPod to my ears or a computer to my lap, so all this techno stuff is pretty daunting to say the least. But I came to the realisation that I just had to get with the programme, pleez excuse the pun.

So welcome. I hope you enjoy my updates. And I so look forward to hearing your views on my posts. A little history, I love to paint, sew and generally love all things creative. Beautiful goodies I battle to resist.

But it is the people. I just love the people. They are so amazing. These wonderful people with extraordinary talents. They must have the most amazing stories to tell.

I mean I have been to the Oude Libertas market on a Saturday. It is a gastronomic affair of major proportions. Well look, if you tuck into some of those delicious goodies you will be dealing with major proportions of your own, if you know what I mean.

But seriously there is a couple, Ernim and Elke, they bake the most amazingly delicious cakes, tarts and waffles, people who bake like that have to know their stuff.

Oh and the beautiful girl with the pies and quiches, never mind the eccentric man selling that irresistible pesto. I bet they all have something interesting to add. We are all unique and all have a story to tell, and after all who can possibly resist a good tale.

So yes, that is my plan. Make those fabulous finds and meet those exceptional people and share their tale. I may even learn something. Anything is possible. After all I did just post this blog!