On A serious Note

I don’t know whether its just me but the world seems to have gone crazy. Everybody knows somebody who has, or did have some form of cancer. What is going on? Has it always been this way, was I just to busy to notice?

A good friend of mine is currently fighting the good fight against this hideous disease. Its not a fun experience for her or anyone who loves her.

Having said that I have listened to her talk in admiration about the wonderful people at Hospice who dedicate themselves in caring and supporting not only the sickly but the family and friends of the sick. Lets face it when somebody you love is ill your heart aches.

Walking this journey alongside my friend awakened this idea of ‘Have a  Heart”

As a seamstress I buy a lot of fabric . As I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs my husband is the neat organised one and I unfortunately am the untidy hoarder. Having said that, sometimes this hoarding can have its advantages.

I have come up with this idea to stitch decorative fabric hearts. Each heart has a  felt design  . They are so beautiful as a gift for a friend or to pop into a prezzie to accompany a more expensive gift. Lovely and light these hearts are great to pop in the post to a friend. They will also  brighten up any room. Hang them on a door knob, window latch or Christmas tree. Take a look at one of the pics attached ,I have used the hearts as part of a table setting. What’s also great is that they are so affordable.

They sell at R45 each and the idea is for every one sold R5 will go to hospice. It doesn’t seem like much but as my husband says, “How do you climb a mountain? One step at a time.”

So yes lets do our bit for this organization that does so much.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time.


Heart size is 25cm x 20cm.

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