My hubby and I decided that it was time to renovate.

I knew before we started that this venture would have it’s challenges – you think?

Some History: We had been living in our home for 10 years. When we moved in our kids were knee high and now I was knee high to my kids.

Their needs and ours had changed dramatically.

It’s funny how “the perfect home” can change to “what were we thinking?”.  So yes, the 4 of us embarked on this great adventure of gutting our house while continuing to live (I use this term very lightly) there.

We began on the 9th January 2013 and what was supposed to be a 4 to 5 month project blossomed into a 12 month epic. To be quite honest it is now over 15 months later and I still spot the occasional workman lurking about.

Don’t get me wrong I love the end result. No really. Maybe our budget crashed and burned after 5 months, maybe our electrician disappeared at some stage into the wood work (never to be seen again) and maybe I know far to much information about Y and U bends. These are pipes for the loo by the way.

It was all so worth it.

On our adventure I had the pleasure of meeting Phyll.  She owns the most amazing little shop in Somerset West Interchange called Ananas. Greg and I had originally had this “Out of Africa theme going (I know, again “what were we thinking”?) Anyway I had these divine lamps but no shades.

That’s where Phyll comes in. She has an array of various frames for lamp shades. She advised me on what fabric to buy and how much I would need for my particular shade design. I chose stunning fabric at Fabric Centre ( my absolutely favourite shop) which happens to be just around the corner from Ananas. I dropped the fabric off and let Phyll work her magic.

To say that the shades were beautiful is quite an understatement. The workmans ship is absolutely excellent. The shades were also very affordable and the bonus is now that I have 4 shades that are totally unique.

So girls and boys if you are like us and need to revamp your look. Try updating your shades. It’s not an expensive venture and really makes an incredible difference to a room.

Meeting Phyll was just the cherry on the top as she is a lot of fun and has so many interesting goodies in her shop.

If you want to contact Phyll you can reach her on:, Cell: 084 4411564 or 021 8527042

Oh yes, again I can just say, “It’s a pleasure”.

Until next time MWA